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May 1, 2014 – MIAMI — Since 2005, K&M Storage at 1203 McArtor Road in Dodge City has been storing property for local families and businesses . This new COWs Mobile Storage Dealership is known as COWs of Dodge City. K&M Storage is now a “one-stop shop” for anyone that needs to move or store anything within 60 miles of Dodge City.

COWs of Dodge City offers 16’ COWs – Container On Wheels® mobile storage containers for daily, weekly and monthly rental. COWs Mobile Storage containers are great for helping people move from one house to another; perfect for temporary storage during a home remodeling project and very convenient for folks that just need to put some stuff into storage.

COWs are also often used for decluttering a house that you want to sell. That service is known as home staging. The Real Estate Staging Association claims that staged homes sell within 33 days compared to an average of 196 days for homes that are not staged. COWs has a special home staging program designed to help folks sell their homes faster – and for a great price.

Duane and Brenda Nietling, the owners of K&M are former Olympic dodgeball champions. “Growing up in Dodge City, we had a huge advantage over our competitors. I mean, what does someone from Uruguay know about dodge ball,” said Duane. Brenda added, “After the Olympics, we started the first and only professional dodgeball team. The Roger Dodgers were a fun idea, after investing millions of dollars, building a stadium and paying several signing bonuses, we realized that we had no competition. I don’t mean we were the best – I mean we literally had no other teams to play. I guess we should have written a better business plan. I wish we would have dodged this bullet.”

Then the couple decided to open K&M Storage as a way to recoup the millions they lost in dodgeball. As K&M gained momentum they decided to enhance the business by adding a COWs Mobile Storage Dealership.

Now Dodge City is truly the Queen of the Cow Towns! Folks in the area that are interested in renting COWs Mobile Storage containers may call 866-GET-A-COW or visit COWs on the web at

The Nietling’s are a community oriented family. Duane is the former President of National AMBUCS Inc., a national charitable service organization. The goal of AMBUCS is to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities. You can learn about AMBUCS by visiting their website at

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